Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Suy Chhun Ey

Meet my newest friend...that I've never met. Suy Chhun Ey is a carpenter in Cambodia. And, tonight, I made my first $25 investment in his business through www.kiva.org, a poverty alleviation organization that helps fund small, international business people in order to give them a helping hand up. Once Mr. Ey is able to turn a profit and better support his family, my investment will be repaid. I am so excited to see what a difference my small investment will make. Perhaps you'd like to read more about Kiva and join me in getting a carpentry shop going in the Kampong Cham Province!

BIO: Mr. Suy Chhun Ey, age 34, works as a carpenter producing beds, tables, cupboards, wardrobes, and other furniture. His wife sells the products her husband makes, earning the family about $4 per day in profit. They have four children, one who works in a garment factory earning $2 per day, one who is a welder making $2 per day, and two who are students. He would like to request a loan of $400 in order to purchase more wood to supply their carpentry business. Purchasing in bulk will save costs, and increasing the stock of wood will allow him to fulfill larger orders for the customers. This will increase both margins and revenue. He plans to use the additional income to reinvest in the growth of their business and support their children’s education. His wife is pictured in the photograph.

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