Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I turned off the television a little more than a week ago. I have filled my time with several good books. If you are like me --trying to get a handle on your time and stuff and simplifying your life so that you can find the margin to do what really matters -- I'd like to recommend a couple of good reads. Two books are helpful resources for our simple life: Simplify by Paul Borthwick (105 ways to simplify your life) and Simplify Your Spiritual Life by Donald S. Whitney (practicing the spiritual disciplines in a way that brings simple pleasure to your spiritual pursuit of God). They can be purchased online or in the Pantego Bible Church Connection Bookstore.


R said...

God really spoke to me through your sermon sunday. even as a homemaker, i need to cull a lot of my schedule so that i can focus on creating a beautiful homelife for myself, my husband and my children. my childrens' Christian life begins HERE, after all!

and this is a GREAT time to cultivate a no-tv lifestyle--with the new fall season of shows starting, if we turn off our tvs now we won't be able to get hooked on all of the new episodes and storylines!

David Daniels said...


thanks for your comments. Very courageous! I am reading so much good stuff...I hardly have any desire for the tube! I pray that your homelife becomes simple and satisfying. ---Grace and peace