Sunday, September 7, 2008


Our Home Group just retired for the evening and I thought would reflect on our great conversation together. We enjoyed a delicious Mexican food dinner chased by homemade spice cake. Brandon Swinney gave us a mini-concert showing us all how much he has progressed on guitar (Grant is his teacher). Then, we talked about the new sermon series I started this morning: My Simple Life. Each of us shared our perspective on one or more of the four points that I presented from Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. To live the simple life, we must:

1. Know who controls time
2. Say "no" until the right time
3. Go to our gladness
4. Zero in on the glory

One of the points of discussion was the law of entropy. In science class, I learned (and this is a non-scientific, simple explanation) that items will move from a condition of order to disorder, if left alone. This is a law of living too. If left alone, my schedule will naturally move from order to disorder. I will suddenly find myself overwhelmed and overloaded. In other words, I must wisely and intentionally set about to guard my schedule and watch my decisions every day. Otherwise, I may wake up to discover that my simple life has become chaotic. That's entropy.

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da momma said...

This morning was great! Ive been thinking about all that was said.. all day...and this blog post reflects it all very well! Thank you for this series!