Monday, September 29, 2008

red floor chronicles | sin

I began a new series yesterday: RED FLOOR CHRONICLES. The title is in reference to the epic drama of the cross that came to light for me standing on the painted red floor of Pier 1 Imports in 1983. I'll never forget hearing the Gospel for the first time, how God changed my heart and the resulting overflow for the next 25 years.

In this series, I'm exploring the theological and practical aspects of the Gospel. I believe that the Gospel can be told in four "movements." The first is SIN. The good news is good because the bad news is so terribly bad. Sin is a universal, ungodly, ugly obstacle to God's Divine design for our lives. It all started with Adam [I read today that Adam went "off sides" and the whole team was penalized]. Sin has been imputed [passed on] to every person. Our lives are a mess and, left alone to ourselves, we are desperately lost and without hope.

Check out the sermon page on our church website to see hear the larger message: Better yet, feel the desperate darkness that describes our condition in Romans 1-3 and Isaiah 53:6.

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