Friday, March 21, 2008

why I could never be president

Please don't write me and give me your reasons why I should never run for President of the United States. My mailbox couldn't handle all the responses.

I know myself well enough to believe that my campaign wouldn't survive the scrutiny of prying eyes for a day. I mean, I stole a quarter from my best friend's room when I was in 6th grade (I put it back the next day). I'm sure I haven't appropriately credited every direct quote in every school paper I've ever written. Even this last week, I took my boys to the Fort Worth Auto Show and walked into the Convention Center without paying admisison (it was the last hour of the event and ticket booths were shut down). My election run would be shut down in seconds.

The morning paper once again reported on the details of the front runners' lives. Candidates have to defend their religious beliefs, which charities they support, why they've traveled out of the country 20 years ago and whether they wear boxers or briefs. Not only that, their spouses, children, neighbors and pastors are subject to investigation [which means that none of you reading this blog may ever run for President either...].

Two truths come to mind. First, I live Coram Deo. Literally, "Before the face of God." Nothing in my life has ever escaped the scrutiny of the Divine. God saw me take the quarter. He knows what I'm about the write, even before my fingers type the words. He can uncover more dirt than the best undercover reporter. It is far more sobering to live before the All-knowing, Ever-conscious God than it is before the prying media and public.

Second, all is forgotten. God remembers everything and forgets it all [see Psalm 103:12]. The cross removes the guilt of my sin. And, the Easter resurrection assures me that the past doesn't jeapordize the new life that I live today and forever. This spiritual reality would never satisfy voters, but it gratifies my soul to know that, while I could never be President, I do get to be forgiven and loved by the One who already elected me to be His child.

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