Monday, March 10, 2008

what makes my heart beat

I got my hand slapped an anonymous, well-intentioned reader. "When are you going to update your blog?" I was asked. Twenty days--the longest span of non-writing. Forgive me all of my fans. Both of you.

But, I have to tell you what makes my heart beat faster. First, I have been teaching a Spiritual Formation Institute class at our church on the the Bible Basics: Understanding Your Bible From Genesis to Maps. This Wednesday is our last of 5 classes. I have not only enjoyed teaching, but I have been amazed at how my 50 attendees have retained what they have been learning. My goal has been to help maturing disciples gain a greater confidence in the story of Scripture. And, each week, my heart has raced with the eagerness of everyone attending.

Second, my heart beat last Sunday with stories of life-transformation. More than 40 people were baptized at two services. What a thrill to have people on their feet worshipping God and crowds gather at the front of the platform to celebrate the step of faith of family and friends in community. The water was cold, but the Spirit of God was on fire among His people. Awesome!

Third, our living church makes my heart beat. More and more people are finding Pantego Bible Church and then finding incredible communities where they live. The stories of life-change abound. And, especially in the last several months, I have been thrilled to see people accept the challenge to find a place to Belong, a place to Become and a place Beyond (see I really get excited when the people of God take their spiritual life seriously, placing themselves in line with God's Holy Spirit, so that they can be changed by God to change their world!


Anonymous said...

You have more fans than that, we just don't comment :) Keep blogging!!!

Suzy Finigan said...

Yes, you have lots of fans, David! Every day I check to see if you've posted and am so happy to finally see something new! :-) Keep on keeping on, my friend.

My heart's vision for Pantego is that we become a church that knows the Bible, lives the Bible, loves the Bible. Now THAT would make my heart beat fast!!


da momma said...

yay! glad to see a post! i was chking on ur blog about to request a post...when I found someone beat me to it! :) Love seeing whats on your heart