Monday, March 24, 2008

Jesus face to face

Yesterday, I preached the marvelous miracle of Jesus' resurrection. When the women went to the tomb on Easter morning, an angel told them that Jesus had risen, that He was going ahead of them into Galilee and there "they would see Him" [Matthew 28:7]. Indeed, the Apostle Paul confirms that Jesus "appeared" to Peter, James, the apostles, himself and more than 500 others [1 Corinthians 15:3-8]. This "appearance" was more than just an apparition. Jesus was truly alive. Two thousand years later, people still hope to see Jesus face to face. Here are two videos of several sightings...

Jesus Video #1
Jesus Video #2


Lewis said...

How said that so many people look for Jesus everywhere except where He CAN be found.

MICHA3L A. B1UM3R said...

Those "sightings" are simply down right ... hilarious. Truth from lewis above, people ARE searching. We are an empty people without Christ, where, I guess, anything or everything will do.