Tuesday, September 11, 2007

remembering 910

This morning, I woke to the somber reminder that, six years ago, our country was dropped into a dark despair that caused everyone to wake up to their need for God. Spiritual sensitivities after 911 were at the highest levels. Formerly disinterested citizens suddenly took note that life is fragile and that, if God isn't in control, we have even more to fear.

But, this was true on 910, the day before 911. On Monday, September 10, 2001, all of life was sustained by God [Acts 17:25, 28 and Colossians 1:17]. He was pouring out His gracious blessings on those who loved Him and those who didn't [Matthew 5:45 ]. The day before, He was creating, loving, protecting and providing. Perhaps it's just that we became so accustomed to God's extraordinary presence that it didn't seem so extraordinary any more. It took the collapse of two buildings and the loss of life to shake us [me] to our senses.

This morning, a cool front blew through the DFW metroplex. In the first half of September, that's a gift. So is the fact that I made it to work safely, my children slept soundly and the medication I took yesterday is working wonderfully. These little things could easily be missed. I pray that it doesn't take take another dark tragedy to open our eyes to the work of God that is already shining brightly the day before.

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