Sunday, September 16, 2007

geocaching and deocaching

I was introduced to geocaching several years ago by my friends Chuck Ellis and Nic Nichols in Minnesota. The concept is simple: God to and download coordinates into your handheld GPS receiver. The coordinates correspond to one of thousands of caches [aka "treasure"] left by private citizens in public places. The treasure hunt hobby might end in a little film canister tied in the branches of a tree or it could lead to a camouflaged ammo box filled with trinkets and toys for the taking. The next time you head out on vacation, check to see if there might be a cache or two near where you'll be staying.

I have started preaching a new series--Spiritual Treasure-- in the obscure Old Testament book of Haggai. The message of 1:1-11 is simple: "When our highest treasure is God, our greatest pleasure is gained." To say it differently, God's best for my life is God and when I choose to pursue Him as my greatest treasure, He becomes my greatest gain. I can hunt for lightweight treasures apart from Him only to find they they get "blown away" like the Divine dust in the wind [v. 9]. Or, I can delight myself in God's glory [the Hebrew word for "glory" means "heavy"] and uncover a treasure that is weightier than everything else. Soli DEO Gloria


janice osborne said...

I have loved this series! We are studying MATTHEW in BSF...this is second time...and I am amazed at what HE continues to show me and many others! "You have been chosen to know the secrets about the kingdom of Heaven" Matt. 13:11 I have...we have (believers)been given insights and understanding whenever someone has a ready heart. We can have the opportunity to have GOD-blessed eyes..eyes that see! And God-blessed ears...ears to hear! Wow! That is such a treasure to find when all the "coordinates" are in line through HIS WORD...HIS LOVE LETTERS to His children. HE has much insight for us as Moms, Wives, Grandmothers, Dads,etc...all our job is to "Seek HIM first..." Matt. 6:33. I want the treasure...the do this thing called life in HIS way! It is at my fingertips in studying and praying GOD's WORD.

Thank you for this wonderful COMPLIMENTS to what I am learning on Tues. and Wed.! GOD is so good! I am so very blessed and so are you who look and seek "the TREASURE" in HIS WORD!

da momma said...

David, enjoyed yesterday's talk and also wanted to tell you that tears came to my eyes watching Jenna worship with you while I waited in line for communion. I have a girl in my tummy and its encouraging to see precious young ladies singing with their their "Daddy" I also plan to tell my dad about the geocaching...he would enjoy hunts liek that. thanks!!!

David Daniels said...

thanks for your comments. I adore my children and worshipping with them is one of the greatest pleasures I have as a father!

Brandon Mitts said...

David, I agree...great series you have going! One thing I have been thinking about regarding how important it is to listen to God's appointed messengers. You make it seem easy, but I understand the labor and prayer that goes into your delivery each week.

I am hoping that you could post (or email) the references you used at the end of the message regarding the Holy Spirit. It seemed like a great list...but I was writing too slow.


David Daniels said...

Thanks for your encouragement. I mentioned that God stirs our spirit with his Spirit. Specifically, the Holy Spirit's ministry is (but not limited to):
a. Convicting us of sin (John 16:8); b. Leading us into truth (John 14:26);c. Giving us courage (2 Timothy 1:7); d. Confirming our identity as children of God (Romans 8:12-15). Wow!

Liesl said...

That is so true! I have been feeling as if God has been stirring in my heart regarding my job situation as I support Steve through school, and searching for "a better fit for my God-given passions and talents," but the way you worded your blog is awesome. It puts the verse "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart" into an even better perspective for me! I will continue my search, but the most important thing is to be seeking God as #1...everything else will fall into place. Thanks for the reminders and reflections...God is blessing so many through your writing!

P.S. Steve and I were baptized last was such a special moment to do this together.