Friday, September 7, 2007

dealing with the debt collector

Gregory hasn't paid his bills. Unfortunately, Gregory used to have our cell phone number. Apparently, phone companies allow unused numbers to go dormant for a while and then reissue them. It seems that it took about that long for Gregeory's debts to catch up with him...or us. We're getting calls every day! Some collector named Guido is threatening to take away all of our birthdays if we don't pay what's due. The fact is, however, we have a spotless credit record. Our score is near perfect. Our bills are always paid on time. We owe nothing. But Guido keeps calling.

Revelation 12:10 calls Satan "the accuser of the brethren." He badgers the Christian daily, trying to make them pay on an account that is already clear. Our debt has been paid in full at the cross of Jesus Christ! We owe nothing [see 1 Corinthians 7:23] but the continuing debt of praise to God for the freedom we have from our sins! Don't let the demonic debt collector accost you and make you think there is a balance still due. Just hang up on him...right after you remind him that, in Christ, you are free.


Brandon Mitts said...

God's grace is really so amazing. As Americans, we hold on to the belief that we must work hard to succeed and to reach the top in our various careers.

As Christians, that paradigm is turned upside down. We struggle to realize that the effort we spend trying to earn God's acceptance, should really be spent in simple praise for what Christ has done.

David Daniels said...

Right on Brandon! Not an ounce of energy should be wasted on guilt. If Christ has set us free, we are truly free!

Scott Raines said...

Good word Brandon.

Almost 18 months ago, I had spent two years thinking I needed to re-earn God's acceptance, after falling away from the church for twenty years, due to not being dicipled.

I thought I had to earn my way back into His favor. The truth was, I never lost His favor and He never moved, I did. By His grace, He led me back. I repented, asked for His forgiveness and turned my life back over to Him.

Since then, I have been blessed beyond words and hope to be a blessing to others. I give Him the praise and the glory!