Wednesday, August 8, 2007

on being human

The 9 p.m. drive home from Austin to Arlington last Sunday evening yielded some interesting conversation with my two sons. Somehow, we ventured into the subject of what it means to be human. Before you think too much of us, I admit that we ended our trip sharing inane junior high jokes.

We discussed the fact that human beings, made in the imago Dei (Genesis 1:26) are unique from animals and the rest of creation because we possess not only physical body, but a soul/spirit. That immaterial essence is what makes us moral, intellectual, relational, volitional, emotional and eternal. It's also what makes us valuable.

Monday morning, I stopped by the Arlington Pregnancy Center and was treated to a tour by Becky Hyde. The center provides pregnancy services, care and counseling for expectant mothers. The highlight of my time there was a demonstration of their sonogram equipment which has the ability to show a "4-D" image to expectant mothers. I thank God for ministries like APC that graciously and gently seek to protect human life! Soli Deo Gloria.

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