Friday, August 17, 2007

knocked out?

Tonight was the finale of Family Camp at Pine Cove. The staff and counselors did a grade-A job of taking care of families and showing us the heart of Jesus in action. What servants!

We ended our great week with a carnival of sorts. And, as I walked back to our cabin to turn in for the night, I reflected on the games we played. Counselors perched themselves above a dunk tank daring kids to throw their best shot. Tiffany and another wife "jousted" each other, trying to pummel each other off their respective pedestals. In 4-Square, players tried to catch one another off balance. And, in dodge ball, we ran to mid-court to pelt our opponents. Every game was about a "knock-out."

What was fun and games for campers is a spiritual reality for the Christian every day. We face unseen forces that attack our family, our ministry, our identity, our integrity, our purity, our destiny and our community. Satan is the enemy who lies in wait, looking to charge forward and throw the unsuspecting Believer off balance, off their foundation, out of their square and out of the game. How important for us to remember that we are at war. We must be vigilant....equipped by the Spirit, dependent in our position, protected by the Word (Ephesians 6:10-18).

A friend of mine used to sign his letters, "Stay in the Game." That's a good word. Watch what's getting thrown at you. Don't give up. Don't get knocked out.

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Jungle Pop said...

Sounds like an awesome experience. Our family went to a family camp in Colorado this summer (at Sky Ranch) which was just incredible. Our "carnival" was a version of the Amazing Race - pitting family against family in all sorts of wacky events.

It was so memorable, I've already started an automatic withdrawal program (into a separate savings account) so that the next time we're in the States, we can afford to go again!