Thursday, April 23, 2009

reading and writing

This morning, God brought an image to mind. It was the thought of famed author, J.K. Rowling, writing another one of her "Harry Potter" tomes. I don't know why...I've never read one of the over-sized stories. But, I imagine that, as soon as one of sequels is released, she begins working on the next volume. But, her fans consume her material faster than she can produce it. They read faster than she can write.

Not so with God.

God is ever creating, ever planning, ever arranging, ever scripting. He is always adding to the story of what He's doing. And, He's doing it faster than we can live it. In other words, I will never get close to the end of what God is doing. I will never have to wait for Him to catch up with me. He will never run out of plot for my life and His purposes. I cannot out-read what God is writing.

Praise be to the Author of Life!


da momma said...

i love this! and so true!

Dr. George said...

So true. In addition, she completed the series in July 2007 - nothing new will ever happen to Harry again. But praise God, He's not done with me yet!

The Batman said...

"He does not sleep, nor does He slumber. God still moves. God still moves."