Sunday, October 12, 2008

red floor chronicles | Christ

If you do not attend Pantego Bible Church, or missed the service this last Sunday, you must review the "Cardboard Testimonies" at the end of today's sermon [here]. This idea didn't originate at PBC. Many other churches have used this effective presentation of changed lives. But, to see it in the context of people you


da momma said...

I agree, and have to say, I instantly felt closer to those people, and I dont even know most of them!

Julie said...

Oh, Pastor, what a wonderful sermon series! I am the one who prayed with you and my parents and grandparents yesterday.

I want you to know that my uncle is making improvements. And after my grandfather was telling him about the sermon yesterday, he was very open to watching the series. I'll look to get a DVD in the bookstore hopefully next week so that we have it on-hand for when the time is right.

Thank you for always being God's great messenger!

Julie Morris

David Daniels said...


thanks for writing. I hope that anyone reading these comments right now will pause and pray for your uncle. God has the power ot change his heart. We will stand with you on our knees!

Suzy said...

I'm praying with Julie for her uncle...I would like to add a request that anybody reading this will pause to pray for him and for my two grown daughters to open up their hearts to a mom looking forward to Heaven someday, I want my kids there with me, ya know? (Probably the deepest prayer in any mother's heart.)

da momma said...

Praying for Julie's uncle and Suzy's daughters! Jesus knows them and is waiting with open arms!