Sunday, October 26, 2008

the believer, the Bible and the ballot box

OK, I don't usually self-promote. But, the response to God's Word and biblical principles relating to our involvement in the political process may be helpful for others outside of PBC who are looking for direction regarding the upcoming election. You may access today's sermon online at Sermon Resources or download a free audio file from the PBC archives on iTunes.


Suzy Finigan said...

David, I believe your sermon yesterday was God-breathed. It was the most coherent step-by-step explanation of how a Christian should decide how to vote that I have ever heard. We early-voted after church!

So, next week you're going to preach on money. :-) Bring it on, David. Lay it all out on the table and God will sort it out.

I'm loving your fearless leadership...keep it up!

David Daniels said...

Suzy, your generous encouragement really spurs my heart on to boldness. Thanks for responding to me, but responding to the Lord! I appreciate you!

da momma said...

Ditto to Suzy's comment! We love your boldness and guidance! God uses you and we thank You for letting Him :)

Krill said...


Solid Biblical teachings. Praise God for this message he has spoken through you that so many Christians in the USA need to hear - How to Vote Biblically

Passing this sermon on to the body.
God speed,