Tuesday, July 29, 2008

right God | right worship

Last Sunday, I preached from 2 Samuel 6--a humbling passage regarding worship and our heart toward God. What I learned is that David, a "man after God's own heart," was worshipping the right God, the wrong way. That's a curious statement. It's like saying "That's a wrong way to be generous to the needy." But, truth is, God demands to be worshipped in a certain way and worship must be on His terms, not mine.

I mentioned to our congregation that right worship requires a right heart [motives] and right expressions [singing, giving, confessing and reconciling]. The most significant thing for me in studying this passage is that right worship also requires a right mind. What I think about God drives my worship. Theology motivates doxology.

With that in mind, I urge you to watch the linked video on the prosperity gospel--false teaching that is being promoted today. The clip is an edited message from Pastor John Piper and his passion is sobering. I never want to think the wrong things about God again.

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Leilanni said...


Chill bumps. Stomach in a knot after watching that video. Especially the part about the little girl (do you know if that happened to him? just curious) . . .God will get us through this . . .God is enough . . .

We've been there and done that. And anyone who's tasted THAT God - His unbridled presence in the midst of unspeakable pain - would never trade it for a BMW. Not even comparable.

Good stuff - thanks for sharing.