Friday, July 4, 2008

photo pro

OK...gotta brag on my kid. Grant has really been excelling in his photography. Check out his site and see what you think: Grant Daniels Photography

I'm very proud!


Anonymous said...

He's definitely got talent...and inspiration!

Cindi Koceich said...

He does do great work!! That is so awesome that he's discovered his love for photography at such a young age.
I am a professional Photog. and I am a PBC member. If Grant ever has any questions he's more than welcome to e-mail me at My site is

Alan and Vanessa said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. Our best to Grant and to all of you! :)

da momma said...

wow!!! I posted on his blog - whats he charge?

george lynch said...

he's got the eye! wonder where he got that? really inspiring to see his focus on the mundane and making them profound. And his love for sister and brother positively sings off the page -- who'd a thought?