Saturday, January 26, 2008

what you can't take back

James 1:19 cautions, "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry." This week, a poor woman learned the hard way. Tired of students calling her husband, the chief operating officer for a Virginia County school system, she finally broke and lashed out by leaving a return call message on one student's answering machine. Apparently, the student wanted to know why school wasn't closed after 3" of snow had fallen. Now he knows. Unfortunately, so does the whole planet after he posted her ranting on YouTube. The audio message may be heard here. It makes me want to watch my words more than ever.


Bornagainchristianforlife said...

Wow! I say Amen to that! Not only should we watch what we say not only because someone could record it and broadcast it to the world, but also we should watch what we say, because God is always listening. And one day, it might be broadcast to everyone on judgment day.

Brandon said...

Yes I have heard this lady's rant. I thought that she made some legitimate and fairly thoughtful comments. But I believe the reason it has gotten so much attention is because of her angry tone. I guess that is what convicts me a little...

How often do I want to get a life lesson across to my student's at school or my small children at home, but the meaning is lost in my tone. Yeah, I should be a little more careful too.