Wednesday, March 24, 2010

application: doers of the word

We finished our TXT MSG series this last Sunday, but the discovery of God's incredible Word continues. Our focus, from James 1:22ff, was to "be doers of the Word." That is, we must work to apply the Scriptures to our life for them to have any effect. Like a mirror which exposes a person's imperfections, the Bible reveals our spiritual shortcoming. But it is powerless to bring about change unless we surrender to the Spirit's leading into a life of obedience.

One of the points of personal discipline that I mentioned was the importance of studying the Bible. James commends the person who "looks intently into God's Law" [v. 1:25]. To help you develop study habits with your Bible, I remind you of several previous posts related to personal Bible Study:

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Step 2: Observation [part 1]
Step 2: Observation [part 2]
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Step 3: Interpretation [part 3]
Step 4: Application

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