Friday, March 13, 2009

Hong Kong bound

On Monday, Pearson and I head across the ocean for a privileged trip to Hong Kong. Tobin Miller, college friend, missionary and pastor at the Island Church, invited me to speak at the Iron Men Conference on Saturday, March 21. I will also speak at a couple's banquet on Thursday evening and preach at the church on Sunday morning and evening. Please pray for our safety and ministry effectiveness during this time! May all the nations hear the name of Jesus!


da momma said...

will be praying for you! What a neat opportunity! I cant wait to see Grants pictures!

David Daniels said...

Thanks! Unfortunately, this is a trip just for Pearson and I.

Dr. George said...

We'll be praying for you. Is this an English-speaking church, or will you be speaking through a translator? If the latter, do you know the name of the translator so we can pray for him or her as well? (And if you'll be reeling off your sermon in fluent Chinese - whoa! :-)