Sunday, June 15, 2008

don't sit down

Today, I celebrated Father's Day with an incredible time at Pantego Bible Church where we enjoyed 50 classic and hot rod cars and motorcycles, free lunch and rich fellowship. I preached from 1 Samuel 16 and challenged Dads to search for what God already sees in their children, to rise and bless their kids and to not sit down until their sons and daughters have arrived. God has made fathers in His fatherly image. And, just as God didn't sit down until he had completed His mission, so we dads must not sit down until our mission is complete with our kids.

I provided two resources that I think are worth sharing. First, I mentioned the Johari Window, a psychological tool developed in 1955 to better understand people. I have used this matrix during the last 15 years to disciple my children and mentor others. The window includes 4 quadrants:

a. What I see and others see [my public arena]
b. What I see and others don't see [my private life or facade]
c. What I don't see but others do see [my blind spots]
d. What I don't see and others don't see [my unknown potential]

Understanding my children requires me to explore the private parts of their life, coach and counsel them regarding their blind spots and search out their Holy Spirit potential. God already know how He intends to anoint them with a Divine calling and cultivate His Divine character. And, God has appointed me as a prophet to my children to help bring these precious treasures to light.

We concluded our service with a prayer for Fathers. I include the prayer here to be an encouragement to Dads everywhere.

God, today, I stand for my children. As my Heavenly Father, You stood for me and didn’t sit down until You had finished Your mission to secure a calling and character in me through Your own Son, Jesus Christ. Now, You have appointed me, as Dad, to be a Divine Ambassador to my child. Help me to see what You already see right now. Enable me to see the calling You have for my child­— how they might embrace Your purposes and join You in Your mission of changing their world and making You famous. Help me to cultivate godly character in them­— to see beyond their outward appearances, get to what’s inside and to grow kids who are more than just shepherds in the field. I want to watch them become someone who has the “King” scribed on their heart. God, by Your power, I will continue to stand. I choose to be used by You to help my precious children become all that You want them to be. And, Lord, would You grant me the grace to see them come in from the fields and rise to a place that You have appointed for them in their lives. I won’t sit down until they have arrived. Amen.
In Your name I pray. Amen.


Eric said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've found the Johari Window helpful in the past, but never thought about using it to disciple/parent my kids.

da momma said...

we enjoyed what you shared with us Fathers Day! It has opened our eyes to a new tool to help us parent as well as our relationship with eachother! Thanks!