Monday, May 12, 2008

nothing to write

It's been two weeks. Nothing scribed on the wall for the world to see. It makes me feel like nothing has happened when, in fact, so much has:

1. I was interviewed by KCBI to give some sound bites about prayer last week.
2. I met with 20~ Senior Pastors from area churches for our monthly prayer time.
3. I had lunch with old friends, Stanley and Jenny Wang to talk church planting strategies in Dallas.
4. I met my brother Ron for lunch and talked about his new house.
5. I spent time with 4 pastors from Peru [and their families] who are receiving their doctorates from DTS this month.
6. I met with my financial advisor and learned that the economy is in the ditch for everyone...not just my family.
7. I celebrated my daughter's volleyball team win in the YMCA championship game. Go Ditto Diggers!
8. I enjoyed spiritual challenge with my friend in Christ, Scott Burks.
9. I cherished a time of reflection and spiritual care with my Thursday morning discipleship group as we prayed for one of our members at length.
10. I have been playing lots of cards with my boys....and losing most of the time
11. I watched God move in a spectacular way during our church Mother's Day celebration.
12. I finished reading Patrick Lencioni's book Silos, Politics and Turf Wars.
13. I fell asleep in a deck chair by the pool yesterday.
14. I got an unexpected email and an out-of-the-blue letter from two former disciples.
15. I started studying for an exciting new sermon series on the life of David coming up in June.
16. I shared a delicious meal out with my family.
17. I prayed about a great opportunity to travel to Spain and teach a one-week course at a seminary in Madrid this Fall.
18. I saw a 3 foot snake.
19. I wrestled with Pearson and laughed so hard that I cried.
20. I've been overhwlemingly affirmed in my calling as a pastor.

wow. wow. wow.


Felicia Moore said...

Wow, I'm worn out just reading what you did over the last two weeks! For some reason I feel like a slug.......... :)

Thanks so much for a wonderful Mother's Day message. I love your humor and your transparency.

Matthew Grief said...

21. You reminded several individuals of the wonderful things in our life that we tend to forget.

David Daniels said...


Thanks for reminding me: I saw a slug too! :)

da momma said...

mothers day was amazing thank you!! we just love you!