Monday, July 30, 2007

posting 101

Many of us are new to don't feel like a fish out of water. Want to comment on any post you see here? Simply click on the tiny words under this paragraph [0 COMMENTS]. A comment box will pop up and you can enter your comments. You have 3 options to submit your comment:

1. Enter your Blogger name and password if you have one
2. Click "Other" and enter Your Name and (as website...or choose another)
3. Click "Anonymous" and you don't have to make yourself known. But hey, I'd like to know who's thinking with me!


Kirsten said...

I know how to leave comments! Go me!

Vince E. Puente, Sr. said...

Thanks David for sharing your personal life with your flock. it makes you real! May the Lord bless you greatly.


PS; My very first experiance with a blog. I still don't get it!

David Moore said...

Thanks David, I think this is a great idea. It allows PBC's members and everyone else to feel like they can be on the same playing field with you. It is a more relaxed area to let that inner christion out!

Cyndi Rains said...

This is SUCH an awesome idea Pastor David. Great way to improve the communication and pass along encouragement.

Marc Johnson said...

I too now blog! :D